Steve Janicke

Steve’s experience covers stream protection and management in a wide range of fields associated with riparian condition, geomorphological assessment and water quality issues. Steve has been active in community and agency liaison and contributed to a number of Natural Resource Management (NRM) committees. He is keen to see a greater appreciation of river and wetland values across the community at a regional, state and national levels. Steve has project management skills, both logistical and administrative as well as an extensive knowledge and firsthand experience of most of the South Coast waterways.

Geraldine Janicke

Geraldine has worked in the field of aquatic ecology for many years and has experience in management of projects for both consultancy and academia. She has a broad knowledge of the aquatic fauna of both fresh and saline river systems on the south coast of Western Australia. She also has experience in the identification and condition assessment of riparian and aquatic vegetation.