Young River Catchment, Farmers Road Creek, Stream Rehabilitation Demonstration Reach, Site Assessments and Outcomes after 5 Years

A reduced resolution version: Young River Catchment, Farmers Rd Creek, Stream Rehabilitation Demonstration Reach, Site Assessment and Outcomes after 5 Years (451 downloads)

The stream rehabilitation site was established in 2011 on what was called the Farmers Road Creek (not an official name). It was hoped that ongoing observations of the site would demonstrate what can be achieved and what stream management issues may arise. The work also provided an ideal opportunity to investigate the ways in which long-term environmental outcomes for saline stream rehabilitation on the South Coast can be assessed.

Yakamia Creek Living Stream Management Plan.

“A Living Stream Management Plan starts with a degraded and fragmented urban waterway and considers ways to introduce ecosystem attributes that are compatible with the multiple constraints that urbanization has created.”

A reduced quality version has been provided here, divided into three parts.

YAKAMIA_CK_LSMP_PartA_without_maps.pdf (431 downloads)  (1.3 MB) includes the headings: Introduction, The characteristics of Yakamia Creek and Yakamia Creek as a Living Stream.

YAKAMIA_CK_LSMP_PartB_without_maps.pdf (403 downloads)  (2 MB) includes the headings: Yakamia Creek Living Stream opportunities – the assessment methodology and the Tables: Table 6: Tier 1 Summary of opportunities, objectives and design considerations, Table 7: Recommendations to OHCG for Tier 1 sections, Table 8: Tier 2 Summary of opportunities, objectives and design considerations and Summary of General recommendations to OHCG for Tier 2 sections downstream of North Road.

YAKAMIA_CK_LSMP_PartC_Appendices.pdf (369 downloads)  (1.7 MB) includes the appendices:  APPENDIX 1: Constraints scoring for each section of Yakamia Creek,  APPENDIX 2: Section Maps and APPENDIX 3: Use of Unmanned Aerial vehicles.


“Our King River, a Community Asset” booklet for community distribution

KING-RIVER-A5-BOOKLET-WORD-reduced.pdf (319 downloads)


 Macroinvertebrates & Food webs in saline rivers of the South Coast of Western Australia

These are two  A3 posters with photos of fish and aquatic macroinvertebrates common on the south coast of Western Australia with details of their role in the food chain.

Janicke_Macroinvertebrates_1 Macroinverts_saline_rivers_Janicke.pdf (404 downloads)