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Macroinvertebrates of south Western Australia’s salt rivers 2

The larval caddisfly, Symphitoneuria wheeleri  shown here is a halophile, i.e. it lives only in saline water. It utilises both sand grains and/or plant material to make its case, depending on what is readily available. The larvae feed on both plant material and small invertebrates and are the longest living stage of its life cycle. The grid squares are 1mm2. The second photo shows the head of a larval Symphitoneuria wheeleri with the head of a midge larvae protruding from its mouth. The adults superficially look like moths, are nocturnal and short lived.

Unidentified caddisfly larvae

This caddisfly larvae (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae) appears to be restricted to a small stream west of Albany and was first collected in 2006. The cylindrical silk secretion case is unusual for southern Australian hydroptilids but common in the tropical north. Hydroptilids feed on microscopic algae.  The grid cells in the background are 1mm square.