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Engaewa (3) (600x402)

Engaewa mounds at the edge of a creek.

Engaewa (2) (640x443)

Engaewa are small burrowing crayfish that occur in the south west corner of Western Australia. There are five species, each with a restricted distribution and with one species critically endangered.

River power 2

This weir on Bandy Creek near the town of Esperance was well constructed and able to resist the pressure of water flowing over it, however the adjoining abutments lacked the same design qualities. A major flood, in 2007, exposed the weaknesses.

River power 1

Pallinup River at the Chillinup Road crossing

The concrete slab shown in this image, weighing ten to fifteen tonnes was stripped from a road crossing during a flood in the Pallinup River. The replacement crossing can be seen in the background. It is common for the power of flowing water to be underestimated when weighing the cost of construction against the risk of damage.

Colourful spongelite

A layer of marine sediments called Spongelite covers large areas of the South Coast of Western Australia. Spectacular formations can be found where rivers cut through the multicoloured layers. Here a brick red outcrop of spongelite contrasts strongly with the quartz pebble scree slope.

A dry Bremer River



The rivers of the eastern south coast of Western Australia do not flow all year round and the river pools often require a large rainfall event in the upper catchment to refill them. The left photo was taken in May 2006 and the right hand photo on 25 June 2011. Water salinity can increase dramatically through evapo-concentration. The aquatic fauna of the region is well adapted to these variable salinity conditions.