Video documentaries

Albany’s King River: This video highlights conservation work done along the King River, Albany, Western Australia. It includes interviews with some of the key players involved in the conservation work.

Unusual Harvest: During the 1990s, nuisance algae was harvested from Princess Royal Harbour at Albany, Western Australia. This was done in an effort to reduce the smothering effect that was thought to be responsible for the decline in the natural seagrass meadows. This short documentary includes archive video footage explaining how this operation was undertaken. Narrated by: Steve Janicke, Works Supervisor for the Waterways Commission from 1993 to 1998

Fossil sponges expedition: In 2017 we accompanied some Polish scientists to the Fitzgerald River National Park to search for fossil sponges.

Lake Nunijup beneath the surface: Lake Nunijup is a brackish tending saline lake in the southwest of Western Australia. It is a wonderful waterbird habitat where many swans and coots and various other waterbirds are frequently seen. The ecology of the lake is sustained by the variety of aquatic plants beneath the surface.

Salt Rivers: This two-part documentary introduces the salt rivers of the South Coast of Western Australia and highlights some of their lesser known features. It may be thought that salty rivers are not important because they are not useful for drinking or irrigation. The authors challenge this view. The condition of the streams that drain the landscape is intimately tied to the health of the wider landscape, its people, wildlife and plants that inhabit it. For that reason, each river is a natural diary, dutifully recording how we as a community are treating our environment. That custodianship will be a story read and experienced by future generations. A critical question is posed, are we, the Australian community, capable of looking after our rivers while reasonably enjoying their benefits? The authors draw on video footage and photographs collected between 2002 to 2012 to share their story of exploration of the Southern Salt Rivers. Steve and Geraldine Janicke

Elachbutting Bioblitz 2013: The Elachbutting Reserve Bio-Blitz occurred over 21 – 22 September 2013. A Bio-Blitz brings scientists and community members together to investigate the environmental components of a part of a landscape. Participants share their knowledge and experiences and the findings are collated into a final report.

The cottage in a wilderness: This video gives some of the history of the Twertup Field Studies Centre situated in the Fitzgerald River National Park, including the rebuild by the Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park.